The Evolis training service was established in order to provide partners with the necessary knowledge to operate and troubleshoot card issuance solutions.

Empowering partners.

Over the years, the team has provided training to the Departments of various private and commercial entities as well as government and semi-government organizations.

Training from experts in card printing

Evolis instructors have years of experience in the card issuance industry and are uniquely equipped to teach the “best practices” for each project.

Leveraging their experience and expertise, each training program is developed with the solution’s real-world application in mind.  

In order to be completely autonomous, you can expect to leave with:

  • a clear understanding of the fundamental principles of the technologies in place,
  • a solid working knowledge of the solution.

Training programs are available at Evolis headquarters in France, in one of our international offices or at customer designated site(s). 

Distributor training

In order to offer best-of-class customer service on a worldwide scale, Evolis also provides training to its Distributors with:

  • An intensive and in-depth technical program on the full range of Evolis card printers,
  • A test to validate their proficiency on our products.

Distributors who pass the test are awarded with the ‘Evolis Repair Center’ certificate, a trustworthy proof of technical expertise towards end-user customers. 

Contact an Evolis sales representative for further details about our distributor training.