Personalization Solution for Transport ID Card

With Evolis card printers, improve the profitability of your transportation network with instant issuance of value-added personalized transit passes.

Optimized issuance of transit passes

In order to meet constantly increasing demand and offer immaculate quality of service, transport operators must be able to rely on an outstanding, interoperable, and multi-modal ticketing system, in which the contactless card is often the central element. Our personalization solutions offer improved flexibility by enabling the immediate issuance of named cards that are personalized both graphically and electronically at the point of sale.

An improved passenger experience

  • Saving time: the procedures for obtaining cards are simplified for both the users and the operator (no paper forms, filing, postal delays, or risk of losing cards in transit).
  • Immediate use: the transit passes are personalized on demand and can be used immediately. Users who lost their transit pass, are renewing it, or subscribing for the first time, benefit from an optimized quality of service.

Specific project support.

A team, specially dedicated to your project, ensures its successful implementation at each and every stage:

  • Studying your specifications
  • Implementing the solution, be it standard or specific, including hardware (printers and consumables), software, wand services
  • Evaluating and testing at the factory and on site
  • Deploying the solution
  • Ensuring maintenance through our local partners and ongoing improvements.

This therefore guarantees that our systems function optimally as part of your ticketing solution.

Complete integration with your solutions.

We work with the main specialists in ticketing systems and have designed our range of products and services so they can be integrated easily with global transit-pass issuing solutions:

  • Solutions developed on demand: we can create solutions to match your specific needs that are adapted to the transport operator’s physical and software infrastructures.
  • Adaptability: of the modular design – our solutions can adapt at the same pace as your projects
  • SDK allows you to easily take control of the printers in line with the specific needs of your project.
  • Integration of all types of encoders, including proprietary encoders. The following can be combined:
    • Magnetic: ISO 3 track HiCo/LoCo, JIS2
    • Contact smartcard: ISO 7816
    • Contactless smartcard: ISO 14443 A and B (MIFARE, DESFire, Calypso), ISO 15693 (iClass), ISO 18092 (FeliCa)
    • Dual contact/contactless smartcard – UHF multi-region encoder – Encoding with TCP/IP

Evolis, your partner for transport projects.

On-demand issuance at the ticket office

Evolis designs card printers that are particularly suitable for decentralized issuance of transit passes:

  • Speed: the transit passes, either single- or double-sided, are issued in just a few seconds.
  • Printing quality: graphical personalization at 300 dpi produces a perfect result.
  • Compactness: Evolis printers can be discretely integrated at counters and ticket offices.

Back-office printing

The Quantum personalization solution prints small to medium volumes of transit passes independently.

  • Limited investment: Quantum is a very economical alternative to industrial machines.
  • Productivity: the Quantum system prints more than 150 single-sided color cards per hour
  • Autonomy: the 500-card feeders and high capacity consumables (up to 3000 prints per ribbon) allow continuous printing.

Self-service kiosk program

The Evolis Kiosk printing modules can be integrated into kiosks to allow users to collect or update their tickets at any time and in complete autonomy.

  • Customized design: the Kiosk range is fully modular: card feeder capacity, encoding options, presence of an insertion port, etc.
  • Autonomy of the printers thanks to high-capacity print ribbons and feeders that can accommodate up to 2000 cards.

Our goal: a successful project.

No matter how complex your IT installation is, our card printers can be adapted to your project. For configurations that require system integration, we work with our integrator partners to deploy your solution according to your needs and constraints. Our card printers can be used with all types of applications already in place.

For needs that are not covered by our standard range of printers, our dedicated project team is committed to offering you a completely customized solution.