Sports clubs: ID cards

Case study – Hospitality and Leisure

Sports clubs: ID cards

A personalized membership card for the supporters of the Ducs d’Angers team.

The challenge

In 2011, the Ducs d’Angers ice hockey team won 1st prize in the French championship. Due to a sudden spike in the number of members and supporters, the club had to implement new equipment and management tools to ensure the security and comfort of supporters as well as identifying members.

They wanted to find a simple and efficient medium, so they settled on plastic cards!

The solution

The choice came down to the Evolis Badgy all-in-one solution, supplied with:

  • The Badgy card printer
  • Card customization software
  • Free access to a card library
  • And a few consumables

An ideal package to meet the needs expressed by the club. The training time for operators was very short, a vital asset for the small administrative team of the Ducs d’Angers, who were responsible for printing badges.

The result

Using Badgy, the club printed almost 700 named cards during the 2012/2013 season, essentially based on two templates: supporter/member badges and partner badges.