Price tags adapted to cigar cellars

The tobacco shop “Le Cigare et la Plume” chose to replace its old price tags with ones created by Edikio Price Tag for its cigar cellars

The previous labeling being used at “La Cigare et la Plume” in Chesnay-Rocquencourt presented numerous disadvantages, especially due to the humid environment inside a cigar cellar. When the retailer, Celer-IT, presented the Edikio software solution to Ms Breda, she was immediately convinced by the benefits of having the products’ prices printed onto plastic cards.  Since the Edikio Price Tag solution has been implemented, the shop has been able to place over 300 price tags in its cigar cellar. The new labels are resistant to humidity and therefore much more durable. This results in the team being able to save a massive amount of time.

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The Edikio Price Tag solution is perfectly adapted to the challenging conditions of cigar cellars. The price tags are durable, a lot clearer, and have a polished finish. My customers are satisfied so I would recommend this solution.
Nathalie Breda, Manager of ”La Cigare et la Plume” tobacco shop