Personalized health cards in India

Case study – Government

Personalized health cards in India

Personalized and encoded health cards for identification and monitoring.

The challenge 

In 2008, the Indian government committed itself to an ambitious program, called RSBY, that aimed to provide access to medical care for the most disadvantaged communities. A health card, at the core of the program, allowed beneficiaries to be identified, while recording transactions, and providing a history of the care and treatments undergone.

The solution

Government officers on the ground went from town to town to meet with communities and identify beneficiaries of the RSBY program, using mobile equipment including the Pebble and Primacy printers.

A smartcard can be immediately personalized and supplied to the beneficiaries, containing:

  • The identity of the beneficiary and their family members
  • Photographs
  • Digital fingerprints recorded on the chip

It’s ready to go!

The result

Since 2008, more than 35 million cards have been personalized in this way, using a mobile stock of thousands of Pebble and Primacy printers. The personalization process is quick and reliable and Evolis printers are extremely robust in material and climatic conditions that can be particularly extreme.

The RSBY program will take care of the personalization of more than 160 million cards in total. A challenge which Evolis card printers will not hesitate to meet.