Personalized gift cards on PVC

Gift cards printed and encoded on plastic cards to avoid fraud.

The challenge

To address the problem of fraudulent attempts to use or reuse paper gift vouchers, the Management Board of Ironwood Country Club tennis and golf club (California, U.S.), has implemented control measures and chosen to personalize their gift cards on PVC.

The solution

ID CARD Group, official distributor of the Evolis brand, conducted a needs assessment at Ironwood Country Club and soon recommended the use of the Evolis Dualys card printer.

The Ironwood club can also manage the codification and printing of its gift cards to avoid attempts at counterfeiting.

The result

Renowned for its durability and high-quality color printing, both single and double-sided, the Dualys printer did not disappoint. The PVC medium offers a greater level of professionalism, which is highly appreciated by the club managers.

The card printer has been a great success. We can no longer do without it. We use it to personalize gift cards for the members of our Country Club and they love it. Thank you for all the assistance offered by the ID CARD Group after we purchased it.
Laura Stotts, HR Director at the Ironwood Club