ID badges for staff members in India

Case study – Corporate

ID badges for staff members in India

Issue access control badges for the Indian branch employees of the company.

The challenge: facilitate employee access control

Sutherland Global Services offers outsourcing services worldwide, mainly for administrative and customer relations assistance. The Indian subsidiary employs 12 000 employees spread over

21 sites in 6 cities.

The security manager wanted to manage more efficiently the access control to the premises, facilitate the identification of employees, and identify visitors more easily.

The solution: Evolis Primacy and Securion print 500 cards per month

Printed in color, the badge displays:

  • the corporate logo and the holder’s worksite contact details on one side,
  • and on the other side, the same logo and a picture of the holder.

Subsequently, the company completed its equipment with Securion printers that include a lamination module for the emission of laminated badges that offers higher security.

The lamination achieved through the Securion printer can increase the life of the badges.
Rakesh A., Corporate Security Management Officer

Result: A centralized and fast issuance of ID badges

The handling of the printer and design software for the badge is simple and fast. With such a large flow in several locations, it was essential for the company to find a solution that is both efficient and provides a centralized control of the issuance of badges.

Following a demonstration by Evolis India, we were convinced that this was a sound choice for issuing ID badges in large runs, and we were won over by the printing quality.
Rakesh A.