Berlin Airport prints rewritable badges for its visitors and employees in no time at all.

Case study – Transportation

Berlin Airport prints rewritable badges for its visitors and employees in no time at all.

Berlin Airport prints rewritable badges for its visitors and employees in no time at all.

The challenge: to find an all-in-one device to print, encode, erase and reprint badges.

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BER) welcomes many people every day: employees, service providers, technicians, delivery drivers… For obvious security reasons, they must all be clearly identified. Some of them may also need to enter areas secured by access control. Handing out an identity badge to each of them as soon as they arrive on the premises is what’s needed.

However, depending on their function, a different type of badge is required: a badge with simple graphic personalization or a badge with access control. In addition, the lifetime of these badges is quite short.

The airport was looking for a solution that would instantly print rewritable badges, with graphic personalization and encoding options to enable access control.

The solution: Tattoo Rewrite, the printer for rewritable badges.

This is why the airport chose the Evolis Tattoo Rewrite card printer.

Thanks to the installation of several dozen printers, the airport can now easily and instantly print the 3 types of badges it needs:

  • Visitor badges with simple graphic personalization, not requiring encoding,
  • Visitor badges with graphic personalization and encoded chip, to allow access to certain restricted areas,
  • Employee badges for staff only, to instantly replace any originals that are lost, forgotten or damaged.

In all three cases, these are temporary badges, not meant to last. Thanks to the rewrite technology, the badges can be reused: the card can be printed, erased and reprinted. The airport saves a lot of cards and avoids wastage, thusoptimizing the overall printing cost of its temporary badges.

The Tattoo Rewrite is a robust, high-quality printer and a durable and sturdy product. In addition, it is easy to use from an ergonomic point of view. It offers good flexibility for printing different types of visitor badges.
Justin Kutzner, Referent IT Solutions at Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BER).

The result: superb access control and perfect identification of everyone at the airport.

The airport can issue its temporary badges in just a few seconds. It thus achieves a high level of efficiency and therefore security, in terms of identification of people and access control.

The integration was carried out by our partner YouCard, ensuring optimal integration, as Justin Kutzner confirms:

The integration was very smooth. We are happy with the quality of the Evolis equipment and the customer service provided by YouCard.