Access and loyalty in a single card

Case study – Hospitality and Leisure

Access and loyalty in a single card

The Casinopass card, a unique medium for controlling access and gaining loyalty.

The challenge 

In 2006, French regulations on casino access changed. From then on, an ID card would be required to get into casinos. So the Lucien Barrière group began offering its customers the Casinopass card, a unique card for controlling access and gaining customer loyalty. It is personalized using Evolis plastic card printers.

The solution

The 35 Lucien Barrière Casinos in France were provided with the Evolis Tattoo printer to produce customer ID cards. Casinopass cards contain: 

  • The first name, surname, photo and number of the customer
  • An alphanumeric key transmitted through an RFID reader connected to the printer.

To access the casino, the cardholder inserts their Casinopass card into a machine at the entrance to the casino. The photo appears on a monitoring screen and the customer is given authorization (or not) to enter. The advantage of the Casinopass card is that it allows you to obtain reductions for hotels, shows, etc.

The result

“Tattoo really was a pleasant surprise: it doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s quick to use, and above all it has never broken down!” said Jean-Marie Coquery, Project Manager, Lucien Barrière Group.