Access control badge for a donation call center

Case study – Corporate

Access control badge for a donation call center

Issue ID badge for volunteers and security staff during French Téléthon.

The challenge: identify the members and contribute to the security of the event

The organizers of the French Telethon have called upon Lions Clubs ever since the event first started in 1987, to manage call centers that receive donation promises.

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, the call center in Nantes wished to further secure the identification of volunteers and security personnel present during the event.

The solution: Evolis Primacy for the issuance of 580 badges in 24 hours

Almost all badges were printed by two people only 24 hours before the event. To distinguish participants different color codes were chosen.
The badges were printed on the front side only with:

  • the name and surname of the holder,
  • its status as a volunteer, security officer or member of the Lions Club.
Primacy is a very easy printer to use that provides excellent print quality while being very fast. This badge has been a good way of reassuring our teams.
José Martinez de la Fuente, head of the donation call center in Nantes

The result: reassure teams through a secure event

Access and identification badges have increased the security of the event. The organizers have become aware of other printer personalization features such as inserting an image for example that will probably be used for the next edition.

For many years, the Lions Clubs’ badges were handcrafted using self-adhesive paper labels. The Evolis printer provides a more professional-looking and secure badge.
José Martinez de la Fuente