Systems integrators and self-service kiosk manufacturers: expand your service offering

Public access kiosks are used for a variety of purposes including financial transactions, transport and event ticketing and other ticketing services, as well as for issuing various personalized cards.

Self-service terminals offer many benefits for businesses and organizations:

• Low-cost multiplication of contact points

• Optimization of staff resources

• Continuity of service and innovation in the services they offer

• Enhanced customer experience that helps strengthen their brand image

All these advantages have contributed to the growing demand for this type of terminal over the last few years.

Have you considered expanding your range by issuing customized plastic cards at the terminal?

A solution that complements your existing offer

This new feature will allow you to capture new markets and get the most out of your existing ones. Customized plastic cards can be a great supplement to your existing products.

Credit card sized plastic cards remain a must for many uses, as they offer a unique combination of benefits:

• Strong and hard-wearing PVC material

• Convenient common size

• Feeling of recognition for the card holder through customization

• Choice between one- or two-sided design

• Option to encode data (barcode, QR code, magnetic strip, contact chip, contactless RFID chip)

• Multifunctional thanks to encoded data

• More or less advanced security features as required

By integrating a plastic card customization module into your self-service terminals, you can respond to requests for multiple and varied applications, including:

• bank cards

• student cards

• transit passes

• visitor or employee ID badges

• memberships and leisure passes

• gift cards

• souvenir cards, etc.

Some card issuing modules are designed specifically for use at self-service terminals. They can be used to customize all types of badges and cards in just a few seconds:

• Full visual customization (background, logo, photo and cardholder text data) or partial customization from pre-printed cards in the feeder(s)

• Encoded data using a barcode, QR code, magnetic strip, or a contact or contactless chip (RFID). These encoding technologies can be combined

Opt for a partner of choice

When selecting your card printing module supplier, it is important to ensure smooth integration of the system into the terminals. Interfacing with existing hardware and software infrastructures is the key to the projects’s success, while ensuring maximum data security.

Another factor to consider is the ability of the manufacturer to design bespoke solutions or at least adapt its existing systems to the technical constraints of the self-service kiosks and the project itself.

Finally, beyond a system’s reliability and tried-and-tested quality that are non-negotiable when making a decision, it is also important to take into account the expertise of the manufacturer in terms of support during the project but also over the long term, after the systems have been set up.

The Evolis International Group offers a complete range of card personalization systems designed specifically for integration into terminals. These systems can be customized to match the specific requirements of your project in all respects. Our Projects team, specialized in studying all kinds of requests, will then draw up a customized solution with our R&D department and support you throughout your project.

Evolis has been a major player in the ID card industry for over 20 years, as evidenced by its multiple projects conducted worldwide and its partnerships established with more than 400 distributors and systems integrators.