How is Agilia “The Game Changer” in the retransfer market?

Agilia, the brand-new Evolis card printer featuring retransfer printing technology, aims to be “The Game Changer” in this market. With this strong, assertive positioning, Evolis intends to shake up the established order, and has given itself 4 years to reach 20% market share. But is this really credible? How can Evolis, the D2T2 market leader, conquer the retransfer market? Here’s how.

When the D2T2 leader sets out to conquer the retransfer market

Since its creation in 2000, Evolis has been designing, manufacturing and marketing card personalization solutions. From the outset, it has made direct-to-card printing (also known as D2T2)  its specialty. The company went on to develop strong, recognized expertise in this market, and quickly became the leader. In 2012, this position was definitively consolidated with the launch of Primacy, the product that would become the undisputed bestseller in this market.

Evolis product range - ID card printers

One of the main factors in this success is undoubtedly its ability to offer the best quality/price/functionality ratio for each of its products. This has always been a guiding principle for the company, ensuring the reliability and competitiveness of its entire product range. It was in this spirit that Evolis developed its Agilia retransfer card printer.

To bring to the retransfer market what Evolis has brought to the D2T2 market: this is Agilia’s objective. And this positioning is as credible as it is ambitious! Indeed, Evolis plans to achieve a 20% market share by 2028. That’s enough to significantly shake up the retransfer market and make Agilia “The Game Changer”.

Philippe Lesellier
Agilia will undoubtedly be the Primacy 2 of the retransfer market.
Philippe Lesellier, Product Manager

Agilia: the 100% Made in Evolis card printer

If Evolis has the credibility to enter the retransfer market, it’s also because it is doing so with a product that is 100% supported by its teams. From design to manufacturing to marketing, Agilia benefits from Evolis strengths at every level:

  • Design: our teams of engineers and developers capitalize on all the expertise they have acquired through numerous product developments, particularly those linked to Primacy 2, to combine performance, quality, reliability and scalability.

  • Manufacturing: Evolis’ sole production site is located at , in France , in the same buildings as the marketing, product development, quality and industrialization teams. This proximity enables us to produce in the shortest possible time and to the highest quality standards.

  • Marketing: with 90% of its sales generated abroad, Evolis has real expertise in this field. Its products are exported worldwide, thanks to the brand’s 3,000 partners in nearly 140 countries.

“The Game Changer”: a state of mind and values

The ability to conquer the retransfer market is obviously based on strong expertise, a robust organization, a demand for quality and a mastery of distribution, all of which Evolis has demonstrated since its creation. But it’s not just that: it’s also a question of mindset. Evolis has always pushed back its limits, in order to offer solutions that are as close as possible to its customers’ expectations, and to seize the opportunities for growth that presents. It is this audacity to attack a new market, to do everything possible to change the established rules, that also proves the legitimacy of Evolis and its ability to succeed in this project. This success is already underway, thanks to the commitment of all Evolis teams.

Audacity, quality, commitment: these are the values expressed by Agilia, to make this new product “The Game Changer”.

Focus on the Agilia communication concept

The tagline: “The Game Changer

The teaser consists of 2 parts:

  • “The Game”, referring to the retransfer market
  • “Changer”, a reference to Agilia

Agilia is thus positioned as the product that will change the “rules of the game” in the retransfer market, shaking it up for good.

This tagline is translated into French as: “New game. New rule.”

Visual composition: combat sport and color explosion

The graphic elements of the poster complement each other to communicate the two main messages:

  • Fighting spirit: through his outfit, his kick and his clenched fists, the character conveys the bold, fighting spirit that represents Agilia. He personifies the product.
  • Print quality: the explosion of colors is Agilia’s main quality. The diversity of colors represented induces a diversity of possible designs.
Poster Agilia the game changer