Evolis launches a range of paper cards

This alternative to PVC responds to ecological concerns that are increasingly structuring in the world of plastic cards.

A sustainable alternative to PVC

Evolis paper cards are made from cellulose fibers without the addition of plastic.

The paper used comes from forests which management is certified sustainable; the cards thus have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label.

Now available in the Evolis product range, these cards meet the industry standard (CR80: 0.76mm thick).

A low environmental impact 

A technical survey carried out with LCIE Bureau Veritas shows the environmental interest of paper cards, when compared to PVC cards : they reduce 8 environmental indicators out of 9.

After use, paper cards are biodegradable and compostable; the paper is recyclable (the paper cards can be thrown in the recycling bins).

Several applications

Available in white for monochrome printing in black, Evolis paper cards are recommended for short-term use (events, visitor identification, luggage cards for hotels) or which involve little manipulation (gift cards, loyalty cards). 

A Global Environmental Concern

Environmental concerns are integrated at all levels of the company and at all stages of its activity

  • The product’s design is integrated into an eco-responsible approach thanks to the Life Cycle Assessment of printers (certified by LCIE Bureau Veritas); it is then  possible to design products that are more respectful of the environment.
  • Products consume less energy thanks to the reduction in power consumption of Evolis card printers.
  • Consumables have a reduced impact on the environment: Evolis Research & Development efforts have enabled the use of recycled materials for cassettes and mandrels.
  • Bioclimatic premises: the Evolis (Beaucouzé) headquarters uses solar panels located on the roof and can collect rainwater for sanitary and watering use.
  • Waste is reduced and recovered in production areas and offices.