Evolis Genuine ribbons: 10 good reasons to use them

Evolis is the market leader in D2T2 and offers a range of card printers of proven quality. But what would the best-performing card printer be without quality ribbons? That’s why Evolis has developed the Evolis High Trust® range of ribbons, perfectly adapted to its card printers and guaranteeing you the best user experience when printing all your cards.

  1. Tested and approved quality
  2. Perfectly adapted to Evolis card printers
  3. Perfect printing results, only with Evolis Genuine ribbons
  4. Easy to use every day
  5. Your Evolis card printer retains its overall performance
  6. A guarantee for your Evolis Genuine ribbons and your card printer
  7. Prevents breakdowns and costly downtime
  8. Controlled environmental impact
  9. An official label for Evolis Genuine ribbons, recognisable and reassuring
  10. A network of close, reliable partners
Range of original Evolis D2T2 ribbons with and without retransfer cassette and lamination film

1. Tested and approved quality

All Original Evolis ribbons are tested by our dedicated teams. This process is very comprehensive and concerns all aspects of the ribbon: density of the different panels, control of the colour of the overlay, resistance to temperature and humidity, resistance of the print to UVs and abrasion, etc. All of these controls make it possible to offer the best possible service life for the ribbon but also for the print itself (see good reason n°3). It is only after these tests have been carried out that Evolis ribbons can be marketed, thus guaranteeing optimum and consistent quality for all ribbons bearing the label.

2. Perfectly suited to Evolis card printers

The development of our range of card printers and our range of Evolis Genuine ribbons is taking place in parallel. Evolis High Trust® consumables have been designed to work exclusively with Evolis printers. This is why only their combination can guarantee perfect operation of the printer and ribbon, and therefore printing under the best conditions.

By using Evolis High Trust® ribbons, your Evolis card printer adapts automatically to fine-tune your printing results: control of ribbon behaviour during heating, adjustment and density of colours, contrast, black printing, condition of the overlay on the card… The combination of certain Evolis card printers and real Evolis ribbons can also give you access to superior functionalities. This is the case for the colour adjustment via the colorimetric profile, available on Primacy 2, which enables you to print as close as possible to the colours visible on the screen, using Evolis High Trust® ribbons.

3. Perfect printing results, only with Evolis Genuine ribbons

The quality of Original Evolis ribbons, combined with the performance of your Evolis card printer, gives you optimal printing results. Perfect application of each ribbon panel, brilliant colours, quality and recognition of printed elements (photos, QR code)… Your cards will look exceptional.

Tests are carried out on cards printed with Evolis High Trust® ribbons to verify the quality of the rendering over time (UV resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.). So you can always count on the same level of quality: from one ribbon to another, you won’t suffer from any variability in quality and the print rendering will therefore be the same.

4. Easy to use on a daily basis

Evolis Genuine ribbons have been designed to be easy to use. The ribbon is supplied in a cassette, a support that allows both ergonomic handling and one-step insertion into the card printer. This cassette system also eliminates the need to handle the ribbon, which could affect print quality.

Evolis High Trust® ribbons are also intelligent and able to communicate with your Evolis card printer. When you insert an Evolis High Trust® ribbon, your printer automatically recognises it. Your printer’s settings are immediately adapted to perfectly match the Evolis Genuine ribbon inserted. Communication between the ribbon and the printer also lets you know the ribbon’s remaining capacity, until a warning appears at the end of the ribbon.

Range of ribbons with Primacy 2 cassette

5. Your Evolis card printer maintains its overall performance

Real Evolis ribbons are the only ribbons that allow you to use your Evolis card printer under the best conditions, for optimum performance. Their use ensures that your printer runs smoothly: print speed, print resolution, etc. What’s more, they are specially formulated to come into contact with the print head without risking damage to this central part of your printer.   

Real Evolis ribbons ensure the stability and reliability of all your equipment, maximising its lifespan.

6. A guarantee for your Evolis Genuine ribbons and for your card printer

The Evolis High Trust® brand has been specially designed to offer quality ribbons for optimal use with Evolis card printers. These ribbons prevent many malfunctions and breakdowns (see good reason n°7). This is why, by using Original Evolis ribbons, the warranty of your Evolis card printer is preserved. Their quality also enables us to guarantee all Evolis High Trust® ribbons for 12 months.

7. Prevents breakdowns and costly downtime

All the benefits of the real Evolis ribbons mentioned above offer you optimum use, but not only that: they also save you a lot of trouble and costs.

BenefitsMalfunctions and costs avoided
Quality of Evolis Genuine ribbonsThis reduces the risk of cut ribbons and the cost of replacing them.
Perfect compatibility with your card printer’s print headYou avoid the cost of replacing the print head.
Optimum print qualityBy getting it right first time, you avoid wasting cards and ribbons and optimise your consumables costs.
Overall printer performance maintainedPrinting takes place in the best possible conditions, with no risk of bugs. Maintenance operations are limited and so is damage to your printer, which saves both time and money.

8. A controlled ecological impact

Evolis is a French industrial company. We design, develop and manufacture our products at our sole production site in France. This allows us to better control the environmental impact of our products, and this is what we do for all our products, including our ribbons:

  • The cores, cassettes and blisters used for the original Evolis ribbons are made from partially recycled materials.
  • In addition to our range of Evolis High Trust® ribbons with cassette, we also offer a range of ribbons without cassette: Easy4Pro. They can be an alternative for limiting the amount of plastic used, and their packaging (bag made from partly recycled material) is optimised to limit the space required for storage and transport.
  • All our ribbons are developed to comply fully with current regulations on the use of chemicals in the various regions of the world to which we export.

Beyond the product dimension, Evolis is committed to a global CSR approach. By choosing the Evolis High Trust® label, you are also choosing a company committed to corporate social responsibility.

9. An official label for each Evolis Genuine ribbon, recognisable and reassuring

As you can see, with the Evolis High Trust® label, you are sure to make the right choice of ribbons for your Evolis card printer. And this is all the more true since Original Evolis ribbons are easily recognisable: you are therefore sure to buy Original Evolis ribbons and benefit from all their advantages. Various recognition elements are visible on the packaging and on the ribbon to reassure you and confirm your choice.

Logo label Evolis High trust ribbons

10. A network of close, reliable partners

Evolis has a network of 3,000 partners worldwide, in more than 140 countries. You can easily buy all your Evolis Genuine ribbons. You can also contact us directly to buy your ribbons, and we will direct you to the reseller who can meet your needs.

This network of professionals at your service is one of the great strengths of Evolis. In addition to being able to supply you with genuine Evolis ribbons, our certified partners are able to fully understand your constraints. They can advise you on your choice of ribbons, whatever your card printing needs.