Evolis Establishes Its Leadership Position with New Strategic New Direction, Identity and Solution

Long described as a “card printer manufacturer,” Evolis is determined to break away from this image, which is no longer fit for purpose. To mark this change, Evolis is now sporting a new graphic identity and a new tagline “Identify What Matters.” This new perspective affirms the group’s strategic orientation and position as a leader. Evolis has been quick to demonstrate this with the announcement of the release of Primacy 2, its latest identification solution.

From “card printer manufacturer” to “global supplier of identification solutions”.

Twenty-one years after it was established, Evolis continues to raise its game. During its first 10 years, its vision was limited to “Card printer”. Then in 2011, it evolved to “Much more than card printers” in order to support the start of its diversification strategy. In 2021, it is no longer simply a question of card printers for Evolis.

A new decade, a new challenge. Today, the French manufacturer is focusing its strategy around the identification of people and goods, and is positioning itself as a global supplier of identification solutions. Its new tagline is “Identify What Matters”. “For 20 years, we’ve empowered millions of organizations and businesses to identify what matters to them. Being identified, securely opens doors and creates opportunities. At the dawn of this new decade, we are making this our new mission.” explains Emmanuel Picot, President and CEO of the Evolis group.

For 20 years, we’ve empowered millions of organizations and businesses to identify what matters to them.
Emmanuel Picot, Evolis President & CEO

A new graphic identity to reflect this new strategic direction.

To highlight this new strategic approach, the Evolis group is adopting new graphic codes: a logo and a matching corporate style.

A whole new universe emerges, both literally and figuratively. Indeed, the new visual identity of Evolis is inspired by the solar systems to illustrate the whole range of solutions that make up the Evolis eco-system both now and in the future. This “solution system,” as it is called, supports the group’s ambition to be “a global solutions provider”.

As for the new logo, red remains the dominant color. “This red is an integral part of our identity, it has always been and continues to be a strong means of asserting our dynamism“, says Emmanuel Picot. Black has been abandoned in favor of a midnight blue. This new color allows Evolis to unashamedly combine “technology” with “Made in France”. But this is not the major change—that comes in the shape of the “o” of Evolis. It has become much more abstract and therefore ultimately much more evocative. This shape alone, inspired by Yin and Yang, conveys balance and energy, and reflects the group’s desire to work hand in hand with its customers and suppliers.

Primacy 2: «The One Choice».

Ten years after the introduction of Primacy, Evolis is ensuring the longevity of its core range with the launch of Primacy 2. The new model stands out as “The One Choice” with its impressive pedigree. The first generation Primacy is the bestselling instant card personalization system in the world. It has always enjoyed a very strong reputation and positive image as a product that offers the best in the market ratio of quality, price, and functionality. Primacy 2 takes the logical next step by offering more than a dozen new features to meet customer demand. These include rewritable technology, 200-card feeder, highly realistic color profile, UV effect, double overlay, scanner, digital erasing (for data protection), LCD screen with user help via QR code, etc.