Evolis continues to enrich its card printer offering, with the arrival of Agilia.

After the release of its new generation Primacy, Evolis pursues its strategy of conquest with the development of a new product: Agilia, its retransfer card printer. Thanks to 100% Made in Evolis development, Agilia fits in perfectly with the rest of the French manufacturer’s range, while bringing its very specific strengths. Find out in this article how Agilia is carving out its rightful place in the Evolis offering.

Agilia retransfer card printer on a desk

The renewal of the Evolis core range continues, with the strategic launch of Agilia.

Evolis had announced it in 2021: the renewal of its core card printer range would be at the heart of its future product developments. And this strategy quickly became a reality: the same year, Evolis announced at its “Re-evolution” keynote the release of Primacy 2. This much-improved version of the best-selling D2T2 card printer was a resounding success from the outset, reinforcing Evolis’ leadership position in this printing technology. But this is no longer enough for the French manufacturer. On the strength of this expertise,
it is continuing to renew its range, this time by tackling a booming market: retransfer. This technology, far from being a stranger to Evolis, which has already been offering the Avansia retransfer card printer for several years, has become a product development priority. This time, Evolis is determined to attack this market with a product of its own design. At keynote 2023, the company announced the launch of the Agilia, the 100% Made in Evolis retransfer card printer.

The D2T2 will continue to occupy an important place in the card printer market, but the rise of retransfer offers immense opportunities. With our company’s strengths, the right strategy and the right product, we’re determined to seize them.
Nathalie Clément, Product Marketing Manager at Evolis

Agilia joins the Evolis family of card printers.

Agilia’s internal development has enabled it to join the global Evolis card printer offering, benefiting from the strengths of all the brand’s products. Agilia has a natural and coherent place in the Evolis product range, in line with the guideline followed for all Evolis product developments: offering the best quality/price/feature ratio.

It therefore already has a certain legitimacy: this development, carried out by Evolis teams, gives it the benefit of all the expertise acquired during previous product developments, and more particularly the most recent, that of Primacy 2. Quality, reliability, performance, ease of use, scalability… these are just some of the features shared by the 2 products.

But Agilia is not just another card printer in the Evolis range – quite the contrary. It complements the existing offer by bringing its own strengths, mainly linked to its retransfer printing technology and 600 dpi print resolution. Agilia offers exceptional print quality and optimum security for all types of card. Agilia meets the most demanding requirements and needs of users.

A complete product offering, covering all needs.

With the arrival of Agilia, the Evolis card printer family seems to be complete. With some fifteen products in its offer, Evolis is able to meet the needs of each market it addresses (banking, government, education…), for numerous applications (bank card, student card, driver’s license…). This is made possible by a wide range of features and options:

  • Card printers for the office or developed to integrate self-service kiosks,
  • A variety of printing technologies, sometimes even combined: D2T2, retransfer, rewrite, lamination,
  • Different output capacities, to suit small, medium and large production runs,
  • Encoders for electrical personalization of cards: contactless chip, contact chip, magnetic stripe,
  • Various options can be installed directly on site, so that the printer can grow with the user’s needs,
  • A wide choice of associated consumables: color ribbons, monochrome ribbons, ribbons with inhibitor, ribbons with fluorescent panel, laminates, films with holograms, patches, varnishes…
Evolis product range of card printers

Product developments and launches at Evolis: what’s next?

Evolis is keeping its promises: the renewal of its core range has been well underway since Primacy 2, and its strategy is continuing with Agilia. In the same vein, we can look forward to further product launches in the months and years ahead.

At the same time, the 2023 keynote also delivered a strong message: the promise of “a major release every 6 months”. Here too, Evolis is keeping its promises: new consumables, new software, new applications, mobile solutions, more environmentally-friendly solutions… Evolis continues to offer a wide range of developments, both completed and in progress. And this is certainly what has made the world leader in decentralized card issuance so successful to date.