Custom event badges and Conference badge printing

One of the central issues in event planning is having a solution to manage the flow of people and access control. This challenge can easily be met with personalized access badges produced by Evolis…

Produce access badges that reflect your brand

Evolis personalization solutions are flexible, allowing you to customize event badges to reflect your brand, serving as real communication tools. You can promote the event and your brand image at the same time.

The access badge enables visual identification of the person wearing it through color printing on a white card pre-printed with their first name, surname, and photo ID.

Manage and ensure the security of your visitor flows

Depending on the needs or tone of your event, you can print specific cards for access to certain areas, with a limited or unlimited number of passes.

Evolis plastic card printers provide instant security and access control for your events using multiple encoding technologies:

  • Barcode or QR code printing
  • RFID contactless chip

Print in the blink of an eye

With Evolis badge printers, managing visitor flows is a piece of cake, thanks to:

  • Their speed and ease of use for printing access badges prior to the event
  • Their compact design, for instant on-site printing of additional badges, if there are any additions or modifications

Personalized ID accessories for your access badges

Evolis offers a complete range of personalized ID accessories to protect and simplify badge-wearing, such as:

  • Plastic badge holders
  • Lanyards
  • Clips
  • Fasteners


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